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Volleyball camps are an extremely important factor in gaining the knowledge and skill of a great volleyball player.

Not only do volleyball camps offer a player a look at the fundamentals of volleyball, but they are almost always instructed by former players in case you are going to effectively make the transition to volleyball rules for high school.

Many of the camps I have worked are with current NCAA volleyball players and run by former collegiate volleyball players.

As opposed to going to practice and running around, a camp will slow the method down and give players a solid base to work from.

Individuals will get to see exactly how to perform volleyball skills including the proper way to serve or the correct way to contact the volleyball while spiking.

Choosing a camp is extremely important if you want to get your money’s worth.

You have to be sure that the proper amount of technique, skill, and method are being taught at the camp.

You absolutely do not want to hear from people attending the camp that all they are doing is scrimmaging.

Fortunately, with the internet it is very easy to find volleyball camps in your area.

Simply go to a search engine and type in your area along with volleyball camps.

When making a decision in outdoor sports atmosphere, here are the things that you should look at.

Your best bet is always going to be a volleyball club in the area.

Go to their websites and do some research.

The longer they have been around I would bet the better that their organization is.

You will also find other random individuals or programs running camps.

Is the person running the camp a current high school volleyball player or a former All-American collegiate athlete?

You will definitely find these types running camps and everything in between.

Be sure to choose the one that you know for a fact will have the greatest knowledge.

Do not drive two hours to go to a camp.

There are so many camps and a few things in recreation lifestyles to choose from that you really should not have a problem finding one in your area.

Be sure, that when choosing a volleyball camp, you follow the suggestions above.

Believe it or not, there are really good volleyball camps out there for outdoor recreation, but there are also terrible ones.

It is important to understand the very basic volleyball rules that exist. Answers to the questions about volleyball rules and the game are answered below in this article.

In What Way is a Volleyball Game Scored?

For quite some time, volleyball games, or sets, are being played to 25. You may recall that the games were only to 15, but that rule has changed.

The reason is because volleyball games are scored using something called speed score.

This basically means that every time a team wins a rally, that team is awarded a point.

Therefore, volleyball games (sets) are now played to 25. At the junior level matches are played best out af 3 and the third game goes only to 15 points instead of 25.

Collegiate and adult volleyball is played best of 5 games, with game 5 going to up 15.

What is the Number of Players for Each Team?

There are six members of a volleyball team on the court at any given time during a match. A roster allows for 14 players on the team overall.

These players may sub in and out of a game whenever necessary. In beach volleyball, there are only two players on a team and only two players on the court at all times.

Are There Rules Associated With Serving?

There are a few methods to serve a volleyball and players may choose to use whichever they prefer. Overhand, underhand, and jump serves are all options.

Players must stay in the serving zone when performing the serve. The service area is always behind the end line but confined on the sides by the side lines. The same rule here applies to beach.

It is important that there be an order of servers and that order be followed throughout the match.

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